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external exhibitions/loans

The collection "Sammlung Funkenflug" is presented at various events. Here is a selection of conducted exhibitions:

Airworld at Zurich Airport

Entrance of the exhibition at Zurich AirportThe collection "Sammlung Funkenflug" was part of the exhibition "AIRWORLD - Design und Architektur für die Flugreise" of the Vitra Design Museum at Zurich Airport, Switzerland in 2005. The exhibition was part of the "Erlebniswochen" of the airport. Selected aircraft models, airplane seats, cardboard cutouts, dinnerware of the collection was presented from 12th August to 2nd October 2005.

Open days of the gliding flight community Bohlhof

Exhibition at the Open days of the gliding flight community Bohlhof A small part of the collection "Sammlung Funkenflug" was showed in a building of the gliding flight community Bohlhof on 6th and 7th September 2003. In addition to aircraft parts, uniforms and aircraft models there were thematic priorities such as Swiss aviation.

Exhibition "Über den Wolken" at the museum of Küssaberg

Stefan Kaiser with exhibits at the museum of Küssaberg The collection was presented for the first time to general public in the local history museum of Küssaberg. Models made of different materials in various scales and literature about aviation were shown. The exhibition, originally planned from 21th January to 19th February 1995, was extended till 12th March 1995 due to large demand.

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