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history of the collection

1970s  Beginning of the aircraft model and aircraft literature collection
The first models, which are part of the collection are made of metal in 1:600 scale. The literature collection will soon include not only books, but also videos and thereby be extended to a media library. Today it also includes CDs and DVDs and became the collection area "media and promotional material".
mid-1980s  Enlargement of the aircraft model collection
Wooden and plastic models become part of the collection. Since then the collection includes models at the scales of 1:600 to 1:20.
beginning of the 1990s  Beginning of the collection area "flight operation"
Safeties, inflight magazines, dinnerware, etc. become part of the collection.
1995  Exhibition "Über den Wolken" at the local history museum of Küssaberg
The collection is presented for the first time to the public. The exhibition, originally scheduled to last four weeks, is - due to strong demand - extended twice. It is shown from 21st January to 12th March 1995.
mid-1990s  Beginning of the collection area"promotional material"
The collection is enlarged by key fobs, ash trays, etc.
mid-1990s  A gangway from Swissair becomes part of the collection.
It was originally used for DC-8 and Boeing 707.
1997  A door of a Boeing 707 from TWA becomes part of the collection.
end of the 1990s  Enlargement of the collection area of "promotional material" with cardboard cutouts
A new comprehensive collection started with a flight attendant cardboard cutout of the Royal Brunei. Today this collection includes over 80 different exhibits.
2003  Exhibition at the open days of the gliding flight community Bohlhof
A part of the collection "Sammlung Funkenflug" is shown at the open days of the gliding flight community on 6th and 7th September 2003.
2005  Enlargement of the exhibition "AIRWORLD - Design und Architektur für die Flugreise"
The mentioned exhibition is presented as a part of the "Erlebniswochen" (experience weeks) at Zurich Airport. It is open from 12 August to 2 October 2005. The collection "Sammlung Funkenflug" shows collectors' items such as aircraft models, dinnerware, cardboard cutouts, airplane seats, etc.
2007  Construction of a museum building rejected
For now the authorities refuse permission to build a museum building at the proposed site.
2007  Photo shooting of the dialect-rock group "Luddi"
The collection serves as a background for the cover of the new CD of the band "Luddi".
2009  Publishing of the first volume of the catalogue series "Design in the Air"
End of 2009, the first volume of the catalogue series "Design in the Air" is published on inflight dinnerware ("Geschirr an Bord"). (The book is written in German.)
2010  new website
The collection gets its own website.

last update: August 14, 2014